Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Accessories and New Items

Finally! Sew Shellz is now making accessories to compliment your favorite dress/outfit in the store. These are perfect for birthday gifts, Easter baskets, flower girl jewelry or gifts, etc.

 Three new dresses were added to the shop as well. Two NEW styles. Check out the tiered halter sundress. Bright and beautiful it's ready for twirling action.

 The Vintage Dress....so precious! This dress can be created short or long to fit for multiple season. Possibilities are endless on events to wear this dress for. Perfect Sunday dress too. Lovin' this style!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Field Trip Frenzy

Ok….so these are one of those moments that I just have to share.

So my son has a field trip to the Symphony today and the teacher not only sent an email reminder, but also posted it on their calendar for the week as a reminder to dress “NICELY” for this outing.

Tuesday’s are early AM’s for us, b/c Nic has to be in school early for one of the teams he participates with. In my rush to get the kids out the door I never once looked at what he was wearing thinking….hey that field trip is today.

I get a txt on my way back to the house that Nicolas called from someone’s phone (still not sure who and praying it wasn’t his teacher) that he needs something to wear. WHAT you ask did my child wear to school this morning? None other than his SBD (silent but deadly) T-shirt with the image of a skelton bending over and a puff cloud coming from his behind. WHY ME!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's been too long :(

Hello to all of my favorite followers. It's been too long since I've posted on the blog.....my apologies! Things have been crazy busy in the 'Z' house. I do have lots of fun new items in the Etsy store and working on more to come. With the Spring weather coming in it will be a nice week to take some pictures and hopefully add those new items to the shop.

Coming Soon:

Working on vintage style dresses currently. Cannot wait to share those images with you! I hope to finish them up this week.

A surprise.....hint = working on adding those accessories to the store. Waiting on some shipments and should hopefully have the new items up in a few weeks!!

NEW in the Store:

Sew Shellz is offering 2 new fun listings:
1) Design your own Kimono. Several fabric trio's laid out...you pick the trio and we will talk about the custom design. Same great price as the Kimono. link for Kimono Dress

2) The Three Dresses of Summer. This listing is for those who love surprises. You will receive three dresses in total...one per month for three months. I will pick the style and fabric. This would be a great gift for your favorite little girl. Link for 3 dresses listing

Gearing up in patriotic fashion we have skirts, pinafore dresses and boy's trousers (for matching brother and sister finds).

An adorable peasant top and ruffle pants set to brighten up your day!

That's it for now.