Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Field Trip Frenzy

Ok….so these are one of those moments that I just have to share.

So my son has a field trip to the Symphony today and the teacher not only sent an email reminder, but also posted it on their calendar for the week as a reminder to dress “NICELY” for this outing.

Tuesday’s are early AM’s for us, b/c Nic has to be in school early for one of the teams he participates with. In my rush to get the kids out the door I never once looked at what he was wearing thinking….hey that field trip is today.

I get a txt on my way back to the house that Nicolas called from someone’s phone (still not sure who and praying it wasn’t his teacher) that he needs something to wear. WHAT you ask did my child wear to school this morning? None other than his SBD (silent but deadly) T-shirt with the image of a skelton bending over and a puff cloud coming from his behind. WHY ME!!!!

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  1. Those days are hard as a mom. We all want to "get it right" and it is tough when that doesn't happen.