Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Girl with No Head

"You're such a liar! That's not true. Stop lying...I cannot stand it when you lie." This was the commotion I heard in the kitchen the other night. Nicolas came in to the living room with Edys in tow complaining that his sister (Isabella) is telling him the girl with no head hurt the ice cream. Confused David and I look at each other wondering what the heck she is talking about. David realized Isabella was talking about the child sized mannequin that I have in my car. You see I had recently attended a craft fair and all of the stuff was still in the back of my car. Like all of us mom's I'm pulled from one direction to another and just haven't had a moment to unpack the car from the fair. The kids and I did a little grocery shopping that very same day and I remember Isabella telling me that the mannequin fell over on the shopping bags when we were driving home. She assumed the dented ice cream carton was due to the mannequin falling over on to the bags. My mannequin will now forever be known as "The girl with no head."

My dressed mannequin (AKA The girl with no head) at the fair.

 Us mom's have the greatest stories. I would love to hear a recent story of yours. Please comment :)


xoxo, Michelle

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