Tuesday, January 29, 2013

5 Year Old Blogger

Yesterday I received an email from my daughters Kindergarten teacher that part of the homework assignment this week is blogging......BLOGGING. Are you SERIOUS?! Apparently my 5 year old has a blog and I have to assit her with her typing. I'm dumbfounded! I just want to know why teachers insist on giving parents homework? Can someone tell me? Don't get me wrong I love to know that my child is challenged and is getting the best education he/she can get, but a BLOG at 5? What would be the benefit?


  1. Wow.. that's interesting as I had to delete a blog my 13-year old started without our permission. Do you know how easy it is for kids to give out personal information!

    Hope this isn't too much homework for you!

  2. Oh, I'm sure Shanna! Turns out this is a kid blog that only her teacher and classmates can view and I help her with all posts. It's safe, but annoying. I don't see the point of a 5 year old having one.