Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BAM! That's what I'm talkin about........

The completed outfit. I'm loving this one. The pants are too cute and my fav of the two pieces. I used the Quilted Fish fabric on this one as well. The knit top was fabric purchased from the Patsy Aiken outlet here in Raleigh.
                                                          View from behind
 Up close and personal shot of the back pockets. I sent my 3 yr old into the trim drawer and told her to pick out trim for the pockets. She came back with the pom-pom trim. Way cute!

 Full view of the back. I just LOVE these pants. Too bad I'm too old to own a pair of my own. I forgot to include a picture of the completed front view of the pants.....equally as cute.

Here is the completed top.

Tomorrow I will spotlight the book I used to make these creations. It's a must have for anyone who sews children's clothes.
**update** new fabric on the way...sooo exited! It may arrive tomorrow, but I think I'm going to knock out some more sundresses before I start my next detailed project. After every few longer detailed projects I like to complete some quickies.

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