Sunday, May 15, 2011

Months ago my sister came to me and asked if I could fix her favorite skirt (burn hole). Ummmm, no sorry I cannot do that, but I can make a dress out of it for you.

Her skirt is now the bodice of this dress. I cut the bottom of the skirt and used that fabric to make the ruffle for the top. Ran to Joanns to pick up the black fabric used for the skirt/lower portion of the dress. I think this turned out pretty nice. Hopefully she will love it. I'll surprise her with it next weekend on her birthday.

While at Joanns I picked up some additional fabric. It's rare that I can go into a fabric store for one thing and only come out with one thing. Anyway, whipped this one up quickly. 

What I really like about this little dress is that you can wear it as a dress or a skirt. Fun!


  1. beautiful. It would look cute with one of those bolero jackets. Linda

  2. oh I love those jackets Linda! I think my next project is going to be a clutch though. I finally realized that my purse is way too heavy and has created a kink in my neck....ouch! I need somthing small that I can run in and out of the stores with. This will be my first attempt to sew something like this. Wish me luck :)