Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book Spotlight

Here it is....the book that has inspired me to sew with more detail than ever before. In fact I hardly ever added much trim or embellishments to my clothing until I read this book. Sewing with more detail does take longer, but the end results are worth it. When my daughter wears the clothes I've made her we are stopped by multiple people and asked where we purchased the dress she is wearing.
If you love to sew children's clothes, I cannot stress enough that you have to own a copy of this book. I've used the patterns in this book on several designs I've created. The two piece set posted yesterday was from this book with some alterations of my own and the Tiki Beach Dress was an altered pattern from this book as well. I LOVE this book and all the patterns in it. The first few chapters include information on how to use the patterns in the book, how to choose fabric, how to measure properly and even how to make a dress form for your little one. There is even a chapter with information on embellishing. ***NOTE*** read all the chapters before you start any of the projects in the book. One very important thing to know is that the patterns do not include a seam allowance so when you trace your pattern on tracing paper (highly recommended) be sure to include a seam allowance.

Before you rush out to your local bookstore to see if they have this book check the amazon link below. The book is $24.99 and worth every penny. When you spend $25 on amazon you'll get free shipping anyway (and Amazon is quick) so no need to run out to the store.
Just checked and amazon has the book for $16.49 right now....score!

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