Friday, May 6, 2011

More from Sewing Clothes Kids Love

This is a dress and shrug (both patterns are in the book). What's great about this book is that the author shared many pairing options with the patterns that are in the book to give you ideas on what you can put together. The book is inspiring and really draws out the creative side. I keep a notebook in my room now, b/c out of left field I'll think of an applique or embellishment that would be simply fab to add to something I'm working on (or for future use). 
I have yet to mess with this pattern above, but it is on my list of to do's. Yet another pattern to LOVE in this book.

Here is a jacket pattern that is in the book. As you can see there are some boy patterns and those are hard to come by. Having a son I love that they included boys as well. Many possibilities with this one. If buttons or snaps scare you, use velcro. Spring raincoat anyone?!

Here is a repeat that I've used from this book. The top/shirt pattern was used in my 2-piece set recently posted and the skirt was used in the Tiki Dress. I joined a knit top/shirt to the skirt I created (added an elastic waistband) to make the Tiki. This top/shirt pattern can also be used for creating something for your little guy. You don't have to limit yourself to only knits with this one. Think about winter and using a nice fleece. There is also a hood option that can be added to this shirt included with the pattern.

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